Today’s blog was going to be about going to try and meet the Idols again at the barricade, but they’ve all been twittering that they are sick, so i wasn’t sure if their handlers would even allow them to do the barricades before the show, plus I was pretty sure Kris had press to do so the odds of him coming out were slim. I’m not sure if I should check to see if they came out or not… but I am sure I will meet Kris eventually. I’ve met last seasons #1 and 2 and the season before that’s as well…

Instead I’ll talk a bit about Ticketmaster, who saved the day for me today. For a while I thought I was going to the show… but Monday night was told the ticket was no longer available to me. StubHub had e-tix only and nothing was even that great (I hate e-tix, but in a pinch, I’ll get them lol) and the stuff that was great was too expensive. (Front row is nice, but not for $350)

I’ve always heard, though never really tried, that the day of the show good seats are released. Well, I got 8th row in one of the side sections this afternoon – so I guess it’s true. However, I don’t think I have the patience to do this all the time. It is such a stressful experience and you’re always thinking “should i buy this one? Will something better come up?”

Of course, moments after I bought 8th row, 6th row popped up. Ugh! But 2 rows I guess isn’t a big deal in the long run.

Meanwhile I was also.. digitizing books – or whatever BS they tell you you are doing when you type in their captcha. How am *I* the one translating what the text says, when the computer knows if I spell it right or not? Someone must have done it once already. Although, maybe not, because sometimes I can not type it 100% accurate and it’ll still go through. But considering ticketmaster isn’t all that well liked, I guess I like to assume the worst of them.

Soo.. tomorrow’s blog will be a review, I’m not sure if it’ll include pictures. Picture will come eventually but I’m not sure I’ll have a chance to edit them tonight since I do have to go to work tomorrow! If not, pictures will come Saturday. Not because I am trying to milk this blog a day thing to get more content, but because tomorrow night I am going out with the old crew to see Stephen Kellogg and the Sixers. (Yay content through the weekend! 😉 haha)

My scrapbooking is SO behind… I still need to get through July!

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