Lightscribe is one of my newest toys. My computers DVD player crapped out on my a while back and forgot that it knew how to burn DVDs. It played them, but that was it. My coworkers assured me that a new DVD player would be easy to install (so I made one of them do it!) and when we were picking out what one I should use, we noticed that lightscribe was only like $3 more.

There are special discs (currently I only have CD-Rs, but they have DVDs too) and when you flip them upside down in the DVD drive, you can “etch” a picture on to the top of it.

My first try was putting a Hanson symbol on a CD that is still blank. (Soon to be a mix cd for my car though! Whenever I decide what songs I want to be on it!) My second try was a picture disc. (I save all my pics on the computer and on a disc and soon they will be on an external hard drive as well.. again.. need to get my act together and stop being lazy and get organized!) I took a picture of the Unisphere from the World’s Fair at Arthur Ashe Kids Day and since the Kids Day pics were one of the folders that went on this disc, I figured it was appropriate.

I did this one on the “normal” setting, I think from now on I will stick to the “Best” setting. It comes out much better that way. But below is my latest creation. I want to try and do photos of actual people… perhaps Honor Society (even though my upcoming pictures will be American Idol and SK6ers) to see how that comes out.

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