Decided to go up to Hartford today to try and meet the idols. Didn’t have tickets, but figured it was worth a gamble to see who we could meet before the show.

Temperature was in the 90s, but luckily most of the barricade area was in the shade. We snagged a nice spot in the middle of the barricades. But then the buses came (3 of them) and we allll had to move so they could get in to the garage. (They were SUPPOSED to go in an alternate entrance, but I’m not sure what happened with that)

We ended up at what we thought was the end of the line at the barricade, but when Michael Sarver came out, he came all the way to our end and we were the front! He said “They weren’t going to let us out, after what happened at the hotel” and I was like “why? what happened?” he turned around to sign more so I thought I wasn’t going to get a story, but then he turned to me and said that a guy and his daughter were at the hotel at 5 am and “they” don’t like when people show up at the hotel. And that he got kind of aggressive and said “we’re trying to sleep! How would you like it if I came to your house at 5am?” Which is generally my theory on hotels (I won’t go to their house, so why go to their hotel?)

Then he went through the whole line and like half an hour later (maybe less, but it seemed REALLY long) Danny Gokey came down. Got his signature, we asked him for a pic (me and the girl next to me) and he said he couldn’t do photos, he had press and was in a rush. So I thanked him for coming out and spending time with us since he didn’t have much time and he was like “Oh! No problem!” Like 5 people down from us, were a group of girls who had at LEAST 3 photos w/ Danny (and most signed) They gave him a build a bear and HE STARTED TAKING PICTURES WITH THEM.

If you don’t have enough time for pictures with everyone, DON’T take them with ANYONE! Especially not girls who already have several with you and were bragging about them all earlier. I get wanting to spend more time with them because you “know” them, but taking pictures with them was really pretty crappy, imo. So that definitely did NOT impress me and I am still not a Gokey fan. (I went in trying to be open minded and nice to all of them)

A little later, Matt Giraud showed up. Girl next to me got a pic w/ him and I asked him for one and I guess he didn’t understand me or hear me, because he was just like “nice to meet you” and left. He didn’t sign Lauren’s thing either and we tried to call him back, at least for the autograph, but no such luck. We were the end of the line for him though, so maybe he had press also, I don’t know. I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt.

Around 3pm they said that was it and that it was “too hot” and no one else was coming out. OK, it wasn’t ‘too hot’ for us to be waiting in the 90* degree heat – and the area the Idols were in was pretty much shady and cool so THAT was a pretty lame excuse. Press, official M&G; coming up, etc. Fine.. but don’t make up stuff!

We’ll give it all a try next month, hopefully we can get at leassst a pic w/ Kris but I’m really not getting my hopes up at this point!

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