I had been putting off writing this blog for fear of getting too emotional. I even asked Lauren to write the blog for our Honor Society site because I just couldn’t bring myself to write about it – to bring closure to the amazing week I had.

Last year, Lauren asked me to go see some band with her in the city. It was going to be my 100th concert and I was debating even counting it because I had no idea who these guys were, but was just tagging along for the heck of it. (I am concertkatie after all) It was at the knitting factory and there were a handful of girls there earlier than we were. We got tickets the day off and I remember Lauren saying “We can get tickets there – it won’t sell out” I’m not sure what it was, but from their first note I was *hooked*

In February, we witnessed their first SOLD OUT show in New York at Irving Plaza. Now, the Jonas Brothers had a hand in selling this show out and a lot of fans were there only because Jonas might be showing up. (They did.)

Wednesday night they sold out The Blender Theater at Gramercy. While there were hints of “surprises” They sold this one out all on their own. And it’s just amazing to see how much they have grown as a band, we have grown as fans and just everything has changed (for the better) in the past year or so.

When we got there, the line was around the block and around the block and around the block. People were asking what was free because we had to be waiting for something free. Another guy asked if it was a conspiracy of some sort, all these girls waiting outside. And another.. probably my favorite of the night – was telling his wife and daughter that it was a “celebration for all the honor society students” Well, I guess if I were to be grouped into anything – The Honor Society’s not a bad thing lol I was in Honor Society in HS and college!

Finally we were let in, and Lauren and I made a bee-line for the merch area to pre-order their cd. (I had already done it earlier too, but I decided you can never have too many CDs. haha)

It was just like any other concert. At that point. But as the night progressed it was just something so much bigger than that and something I’m not sure if we even fully understand at this point. I tried hard to hold back my tears, I wasn’t upset but just so overwhelmed and proud. And then I broke my chair. Way to bring in some comic relief, universe. I’m not even sure how it happened but the darn thing just unhinged on me in the middle of a song (and luckily I wasn’t sitting in it when it happened!)

There were really no surprises, just the same high energy show we’ve come to know and love.

After the show, we waited for a while for the M&G.; I kind of didn’t want to take a train later than 11:22 (which gets us back at about 1am) even though I was on vacation. (I had napped on the train ride in, at least) And wasn’t sure if we’d be in line longer than that or not.

Lauren said, “Well, I guess we’re not going to be getting hugs” as we were going to go down the stairs to see the guys. Upon spotting us, Andrew stood up, came around the table and gave us both a hug. Mike and Alex also leaned over the table to give me a hug and it just meant so much to me that they remember Lauren and I and acknowledge our support. We were exhausted, but if I had to not get enough sleep – this was the best reason to not be getting it.

Maybe I’m crazy for having done 6 shows in 5 days, but I would do it all over and over again in a heartbeat because there is no one more deserving of my support than Andrew Lee, Michael Bruno, Alexander Noyes and Jason Rosen. They absolutely deserve all the success that is coming to them. And I will be with them every step of the way.


Nobody has to know
Two rebels
Full moon crazy
Where are you now
My own way
Over you
Sing for you
Don’t close the book
Here comes trouble
See u in the dark


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