The Tulsa trip pages are (finally) done – also in this batch is Tinted Windows with Locksley. Now that I have all my Hanson pics done – they’ll release tour dates! (It’s worth a shot. They said last week they’d be out “this week” and “this week” is almost over.. I’m considering Sunday this week and not next week, fyi, to give them even more time)

I’m at 142 layouts for the year.

131. Flight from OKC to DFTW

132. DFW to BDL

133. BDL to STL

134. Picture doesnt do it justice, but I really like how this one turned out with the thickers.

135. Hanson’s childhood home.

136. Golden Oil Driller

137. Articial Cloud / random stuff

138. Another Hot Oklahoma Night

139. STL to OKC

140. Hanson instruments at museum

141. Hanson displays at OKC museum

142. Tinted Windows and Locksley.