It’s been a while since I posted some of my layouts. Under the cut are my 2 April shows – Seal and Push Play / Tiffany Giardina. With them are some random layouts – February’s trip to the Wax Museum and March’s David Cook layout as well as a few of my May shows – Honor Society’s 2 shows at Hershey Park, Josh Gracin, Tony Lucca, and David Cook.

Still needing to be scrapped are 3 Mets games from April, Hanson/Oklahoma trip and The Today Show. I plan to try and get The Today show done this weekend – I’ve picked out paper for Adam’s page, but still need to figure out the ticket page as well as Kris’ page.

I am now at 121 layouts for the year

105. Seal, I’ve since gone around the letters with silver so they pop out better. I was all “Oh yay I can use my new letter stickers!” and then like a genius picked red paper too.

106. Push Play & Tiffany Giardina

107. M&G;

108. Push Play

109. Tiffany

110. Wax Museum from Feb

111. Cancelled Cook show

112. Honor Society

113. Honor Society M&G; pic

114. More Honor Society

115. Honor Society show #1 @ Hershey

116. Honor Society Show #2 @ Hershey

117. Kisses page Needs journaling.

118. Josh Gracin

119. Tony Lucca

120. David Cook M&G;

121. David Cook Concert