Tulsa & Adam & Kris on the today show. Up to 130 layouts for the year.

122. I did 3×3 squares for some of my Tulsa pics to cut down on how many pages I’d need to do.

123. I also stuck some post cards in there. Probably would have worked even better if I had more pictures.

124. Me, Keena and Leah after the show and my hand with my stamp that let us in the show

125. Picture of the theater and the setlist. Not really too into this page.

126. Cropped group picture

127. Full group picture including first couple of rows. So awkward

128. Email for fan passes for Idol, and pass we got once we got there. I love that the W in the font is the brooklyn bridge.

129. Kris’ Idol page

130. Adam’s Idol Page