Scrapbook layouts 91 – 104 for the year. What should be the last of the rock boat. Hanson and SK6ers shows (saved the best for last) They still need some journaling, but I’m incredibly relieved to have the majority of this done before I go to Tulsa for another Hanson adventure!

I have 6 or so more concerts to scrapbook, 3 baseball games, and of course continuing my baseball autograph book (4 more to add) and continuing working on my “me & celebs” book… which might have to wait until winter for me to pay any attention to it.. it’s concert season! (and baseball season!)

091. SK6ers Lido Deck show

092. SK6ers Lido Part II

093. Fat Pat McGee and Skunk. Pat is looking at SK so lovingly I had to give them a romantic sunset page.

094. More SK6ers Lido

095. Isaac rocking out at the SK6ers Palladium show. I need to type something up about how completely HILARIOUS this was, and print it out on vellum for the bottom of this page. But I just have to have the time to write something nice out.

096. Sk6ers Palladium. I looove that pic of Kit.

097. I did this one yesterday and I never did the “fold the corner to see the back color” but I think it works here.
“feel the beat” is from this new rub on stack book I got that is ALL concert / rock star / awesomeness. Cant wait to use them more.
(creative imaginations i think makes it – got it on

098. Guitar pick (definitely had a pic of both sides but one went POOF so im hoping ill find that)
and hanson jamming w/ cowboy mouth – which def needs journaling because they have no heads…

099. Hanson M&G.; Needs journaling, probably.
Maybe a little mermaid sticker…

100. I bought the commit2paper Feb pack because of this paper
It reminded me so much of the underneath arrow. I couldnt NOT get it.
Palladium show, no isaac pics. i suck.

101. I dont know why I used a guitar on a pic of Zac playing a djembe
but he’s my rock star.

102. “time to rock” because they played til 3 freaking am. Definitely need some journaling here.

103. I love this page. I bought a random stack of tropical stickers on ebay and one happened to say “the time of my life”
I made a mental note because SK6ers play “time of my life” from dirty dancing. Somehow I got a pretty decent picture
of “the lift” and KNEW I had to give it it’s own layout with the sticker.
Boots sang the lines that I cut out.. Ive had the time of my life… and i owe it to this cruise
(or at least something similar) Im so happy w/ how it came out!!

104. And the last page! Woo. More Hanson on Lido. Love this border punch, though it’s a bit of a pain in the butt to line up – but I think
I did an ok job. One I accidentally punched twice in the same-ish spot.. but probably only I will notice because I know it’s there.

46 more layouts to go to hit my goal… I think I might have to up it!