More pages from my Rock Boat scrapbook. I have just about 15 more pictures to scrap that aren’t Hanson or SK6ers (saving those for last because i had more of them than any other band) With any luck I will begin with those this weekend! I’m looking to have the book done-done and in an album by May 8/9… We’ll see how it goes. I’m easily distracted.

I’m at 84 pages of my goal of 150. I also have several concerts/events waiting to be scrapped which will go towards the count (Mets vs Red Sox, Seal, the wax museum.. with more to come!)

Check out the newest layouts under the cut!

066. Sam Thacker / Carbon Leaf Lido Deck

067. This is my temporary tattoo page, Gaelic Storm

068. Michael Tolcher

069. Scraplifted from one of my magazines and using the Commit2Paper Feb kit
Cowboy Mouth kicking off the sail away party

070. More receipts

071. And some more.

072. Bills

073. Bills

074. Boarding Pass / Boat

075. Boat. I really like how this one ended up coming out

076. Lido Deck. The squares are a picture of the water just cut up to 1×1

077. Maribeth left me alone and I took this stalker picture of Hanson’s backup musicians LOL
I’m thinking of adding “STALK” one letter on each petal of the flower.

078. Speaking of stalking.. some pics of Hanson from the dinner we “had” with them.

079. Also from the commit2paper kit. Me… lol drinking and burning.

080. Maribeth and I at the Hanson show. needs some journaling about how Maribeth was holding up her sign and sail… looong after the waiter had left LOL
(This photo was a re-inactment)

081. Elevator

082. I took pics of the TV. One said we weren’t getting back until Feb 14!

083. Dinner page 1 (commit2paper kit)

084. Dinner Page 2 (commit2paper kit)