These are all from 2 weekends ago. I’ve been working some this weekend on The Rock Boat, but my Silhouette’s cutting strip is damaged, so I can’t make them 100% until I can cut titles. I may or may not photograph them before I’m totally finished, I can’t decide.

2 pages are from the Honor Society show, the rest are Rock Boat pages made from the little booklet that they gave us with all the schedules and info that we’d need to know to hit up all the shows!

Layouts for 2009 – 44.

038. My Honor Society heart collage. It doesnt look too bad in tiny digital image form.

039. Honor Society ticket, wristband, newspaper advertisement and 2 extra pics I couldnt fit into the collage

040. – 044. Rock Boat Pages for the pages from the booklet we were given upon boarding.
I normally wouldn’t count pages like these towards my total – but considering that the felt ribbon was a pain in the ass…