This is the ABC book I made from the Honor Society / NYC trip. I’m not sure how many layouts to count it as. Its too small to be 26. And I didn’t put all that much effort into it. Maybe I’ll count it as 3. Totally random choice.

Pardon the messy desk in the background. I’m an artist, you know, messy is my thing 😉

And can I just add how much I hated the see through pages? I totally should have covered those and attempted them when I was a bit more skilled in mini books. Oh well.

Front Cover (with Andrew peeking out)

New York
A is for Andy

B is for Brothers
C is for Cyrus

D is for drummer
E is for Einstein

Faster than a…
G is for Giant

H is for Honor Society
I is for Irving Plaza

J is for Jason
K is for Katie

L is for Lauren
M is for Michael

N is for NSYNC
O is for Obama

P is for Pennies (with Honor Society’s crotches peeking through. Didnt plan THAT out well)
Q is for QTs.

R is for Rachael Ray
S is for Spears

T is for TShirt
U is for Underwood

V is for Victoria (and the rest of the spice girls)
W is for Wright

X is for X-Dresser
Y is for Yankees

Z is for Zac.