Here are some pages from my Rock Boat scrapbook. Mainly my flight from JFK to MIA, some photos from Miami, and a bunch from Nassau. There are still a TON more photos to be scrapped.. I really think I might be scrapping this trip for the rest of my life. If I can get it finished by the year anniversary, I will consider it a success!! (I’ll actually probably finish it much sooner than that, I am just completely overwhelmed by the massive amounts of photos I have left to scrap!!)

Sail and Snorkel page
I am SO glad I took a picture of the ticket because they took them from us in their entirety. And I have a fit when I don’t have tickets for scrapbooks. Its pathetic, but seriously.. it bothers me so much.

More from the boat

This one needs something above “Beach” like.. “we didnt bother to go to the BEACH” or “we couldnt find the BEACH” or something.. catchy.. “son of a BEACH” I dont know lol

Marisa and Maribeth in their snorkel gear.. me with my rum punch

Atlantis and Nassau

This was the shower at the hotel. It deserves its own page because it’s so ghetto
I still need to journal about it in that white spot

Miami, FL

Not really a day at the beach.. but .. its the hard Rock!

I need to wear sunglasses 24/7 so you can’t tell I’m blinking in photos. Seriously.
Senor Frogs

Port of Miami

I scraplifted this idea from what someone posted in the gallery at
I saw it, thought it was a cute layout so I printed it. Then we got there and I saw the spot where the picture was taken and knew I totally had to go through with it.

Scraplift Part 2

scrapjammies kit

In the slides are tiny cut outs of the water from pics I took

Nassau map

Our boarding photo.

Rum Punch

Flight to Miami

Shuttle to JFK / Gate picture