Friday January 16
At 2pm I got picked up by my shuttle and was taken to JFK. The passenger that was picked up after me went to LaGuardia so I was excited to get to go by Shea Stadium to see the progress that has been being made on its destruction. Around 4pm I made it to JFK, checked my luggage (which weighed 41 lbs) and found my gate. My flight wasn’t leaving until 6:59 so I had plenty of time to people watch. Our take off time go bumped up to 6:55 but we spent close to 20 minutes on the runway. The pilot assured us that this was calculated into the flight time, but we still ended up arriving close to 30 minutes late to MIA. Once I arrived I got my luggage and waited for Maribeth. Her flight was also delayed the 30 minutes.

I thought that I would be waiting alone at the luggage claim for Maribeth’s flight to come in from Atlanta, but it turned out that somehow some of my flights luggage ended up on Maribeth’s flight so there was a decent amount of people around waiting with me.

Around 12:00am, Maribeth’s flight made their way to the luggage claim. After she got her luggage we grabbed a cab and headed to our hotel. We were escorted up to our room, almost did some severe damage to the mirror hanging on the wall (but my quick reflexes saved us 7 years bad luck) and got ready for bed.

We had a shuttle booked for the next day at noon to take us to the port.

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