Sunday I had the pleasure of attending Honor Society’s first SOLD OUT show at The Fillmore at Irving Plaza in New York, NY.

I was lucky enough to be placed in VIP seating for this show, although our seats were not anywhere near where we’d be able to see. We took over a different table because no one had seemed to claim it, and just a couple of minutes later THE JONAS BROTHERS showed up and were right next to me. I was close enough to touch them, if I didn’t mind losing my arm to one of their security guards. Joe’s latest flame, Camilla Bell, was also present.

Shortly after the brothers passes us, the fans on the floor also spotted the guys up in the balcony and the screams started (or perhaps continued.. they were screaming before/after every song on the sound system) and the camera flashes started going off.

Just after 7pm, the gentlemen of Honor Society took the stage with their new song “Over You” which I don’t believe had been played on the East Coast previously. The energy stayed up for almost the entire show, they took one break to sing a slower song “Goodnight My Love” in which Alexander left the drums and came up front to provide some vocals on a mic he shared with Jason and Alexander.

They did a cover of Kanye’s “Heartless”, then went into my favorite song of theirs Nobody Has to Know. After that song ended, Michael mentioned how they were disappointed that they couldn’t spend Valentine’s Day with us, but it wouldn’t be very gentlemanly of them if they didn’t give us a gift. When I looked down, the crowd was surging forward and for a second I thought I was back on the Rock Boat – it looked like waves, but it was people inching forward, they must have spotted our “gift” to the side of the stage…

The gift was Honor Society’s friend, OUR friend.. THE JONAS BROTHERS. The brothers joined them on stage for the song “Don’t Close the Book” which Honor Society had played with them when they opened out on the west coast the end of last year. They went to teach us all the “Ohs” that we would have to sing along, but most of the crowd already knew it. You gotta love YouTube.

After that, both bands left the stage. Honor Society came back out and told us that one of their songs we’d be hearing a lot lately (debut single, perhaps?) and played Over You again. I was excited, this was the one song I hoped they would play. And I guess I’ll be hearing it a lot at all the shows so I’m psyched. After the second version of Over You was finished – they finished their set with their popular myspace hit, See U In The Dark. Unfortunately I was too busy focusing on the band (cough) to see how many in the crowd were doing the Honor Roll.

Once the show was over, the meet and greet lin (which you could only get in if you bought merch) went down 2 flights on stairs, down the block of the Irving and halfway down the block around the corner. It took us 2 hours to make it through the line, but Michael and Andrew remembered us, and that was our big question of the day – it had been 6 months, would they remember us? They also were very impressed with the scrapbook that I had done on Shutterfly that is now complete – because I had them sign it 🙂

Over you
Full Moon Crazy
2 rebels
Why didn’t I
Goodnight my love
My own way
Heartless (Kanye Cover)
Nobody has to know
Don’t close the book – with jb
Over you(again)
See u in the dark


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