Next month I am going on The Rock Boat. For a while I was torn on whether or not I should bring my laptop and finally I decided it wasn’t worth it (internet is something like $25 for an hour) but I was completely paranoid that my camera cards would all fill up and I wouldn’t know what to do! Must. Take. Photos. Must. Scrapbook. Them.

I started looking for sales and I think now that I am all set as far as memory cards go. (and I still plan on picking up a couple of disposable underwater cameras as well)

Of course now I’ll have the goal of trying to *fill* all the cards. Although, if I take a few videos at each of the shows I go to, I should have no problem! (And then I will have a lot of content to post here throughout the new year!) But either way, better to be safe than sorry and have too many cards instead of not enough!

Now I just have to make sure I won’t run out of batteries… (one camera is rechargeable and I had bought 2 replacements and then lost one! d’oh. the other takes 4AAs so hopefully if I do run out of those they will have them for sale somewhere on the ship… though probably for a hefty price)

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