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Virtual Race: Woodstock

Race Title: Woodstock
Distance:   69.1
Company:  Yes.Fit
Charity:  NA

This is one of my favorite medals, it is kind of like a sun catcher.  It took me from August to January to finish the 69.1 miles for this race and appropriately I finished this “Peace, Love, Music” race in the airport on my way to Back to the Island in Jamaica!

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Virtual Race: Santa Burger

Race Title:  Santa Burger
Distance:   10k
Company:   Chilton Running Club
Charity:  Mama 2 Mama

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Virtual Race: That Damn Donna Reed

Race Title: That Damn Donna Reed
Distance:   7.3k
Company:   Chilton Running Club
Charity:  Days for Girls

From the makers of Hogwarts Running Club (and Whovian Running Club) comes Chilton Running Club! The Inaugural event for the Gilmore Girls running group was “That Damn Donna Reed” and the medal is Rory’s Lime Surprise from one of the episodes.  I am looking forward to seeing what other episode related medals there are! And kind of hope the first year is all just food… it is the Gilmore Girls after all.

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Virtual Race: A Christmas Story House

Race Title: A Christmas Story 5k
Distance:  5k
Company:  A Christmas Story House
Charity:  A Christmas Story House Neighborhood Restoration Project

Every Christmas Eve, I watch A Christmas Story at least once.  I turn it on and watch from wherever it is in the marathon and then keep watching until I’ve looped through and seen it at least once.  When I was looking for a Christmas-y race to enter, I knew that the 5k benefiting the Christmas Story House was the one for me – since I am also obsessed with actual locations of movie/tv show homes! I finished this one the day after Christmas – it’s a major award!

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Virtual Race: Cupcake 5k

Race Title: Cupcake Run
Distance:   5k
Company:   Virtual Runner UK
Charity:   Alzheimer’s Society

After walking nearly a mile to find a cupcake vending machine, I decided that I needed to find myself a cupcake medal! There are several out there but I thought this one was the prettiest and would taste the best if it were an actual cupcake 🙂


Virtual Race: Kruger National Park Safari

Race Title: Kruger National Park Safari
Distance:  117mi
Company:  Yes.Fit
Charity:  NA

I started this race in June or July and finished it in December.  It took quite some time and I was kind of bummed I didn’t see any animals on my safari as I went through the actual area on the Yes.Fit website.  Ah well, someday I will get there for real and see animals 🙂

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Virtual Race: Umbridge Run

Race Title: Umbridge 13k (Or until it sinks in)
Distance: 13k
Company:  Hogwarts Running Club
Charity: My Stuff Bags Foundation

When I first found HRC this event was either just closing or had just closed.  I wasn’t entirely a fan of the medal so I skipped it.  But when this and Molly were the only medals holding me back from being a Perfect Prefect as a first year, I decided I had to go for it.

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Virtual Race: Molly Weasley Ugly Jumper Run

Race Title: Molly Weasley Ugly Jumper Run
Distance:  5k
Company:  Hogwarts Running Club
Charity:  One Warm Coat

Molly’s Ugly Jumper Run was one that I picked up during the “Time Turner” from Hogwarts Running Club.  I think the medal is really cute (may be my 2nd fave for the year from HRC?) and I’m glad that I was able to pick it up and do my 5K!

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Virtual Race: I Solemnly Swear

Race Title: I Solemnly Swear
Distance:  5k
Company: Level Up Virtual Runs
Charity:  ?


I had vowed no more Harry Potter unless it was from Hogwarts Running Club but this medal was just so pretty with all it’s charms that I had to have it!

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Virtual Race: Escape from Azkaban

Race Title: Escape from Azkaban
Distance:  25k
Company:  Run Long and Perspire
Charity: American Dog Rescue


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