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Virtual Race: Escape from Azkaban

Race Title: Escape from Azkaban
Distance:  25k
Company:  Run Long and Perspire
Charity: American Dog Rescue


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Virtual Race: Platform 9 3/4k

Race Title: Platform 9 3/4k Year 3
Distance:  9.75k
Company: Hogwarts Running Club
Charity: Carry the Future


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Virtual Race: Never Say Die 5k

Race Title: Never Say Die
Distance: 5k
Company: Comic Con Run
Charity: N/A?


Several times this year I had declared – NO MORE RACES!  But Goonies is one of my all time favorite movies so when I saw this race from Comic Con Run I couldn’t resist.  The image they had displayed originally the medal looked a little bit different, but I guess they weren’t able to get the actual medals to look exactly like the mock up, which was a bummer.  That one had the nose cut out too and looked more like the one from the movie.  But it’s still a really fun medal to add to the collection.


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Virtual Race: Road to Hogwarts 2

Race Title: Escape from Privet Drive
Distance:  50 miles
Company: Harry Potter Alliance
Charity: Harry Potter Alliance


I keep saying no more races and no more harry potter races unless they a re from HRC – but I am a sucker for Hedwig and so I had to support the Harry Potter Alliance with their Escape To Hogwards 2 race.  (1 was done last year through the former Make Yes Happen with the tracking but they no longer hosts races from other companies now that they are Yes.Fit and really seem to be taking off)  Anything that is longer than a half marathon I’ve been tracking using ALL my steps rather than just dedicated walks or I would be here forever… this took just over 2 months to accomplish.



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Virtual Race: Hobbit 5k

Race Title: Hobbit Day 5k
Distance: 5k
Company: Virtual Run Events
Charity:  Cure Alzheimer’s Fund


This was one of the first races I signed up for, but it was supposed to be done in September for Hobbit Day on September 22nd! This was after I realized that Yes.Fit had a couple of Hobbit races that I missed out on that had to get closed early before I had found out about the site.

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Virtual Race: Harry Potter Run 2016

Race Title: Harry Potter Run 2016
Distance: 5k
Company: Geek’d Out Runners
Charity: Intermountain Healing Hearts


This is the 2nd Harry Potter Run from Geek’d Out Events. Last year was the first one with a Gryffindor Crest and Harry Potter’s glasses.  This year was Ravenclaw and Luna’s glasses.  I wonder if the other two houses will follow the glasses theme.   I can’t think of any other characters in those houses with glasses that would be recognizable off hand… hmm. I’ve been told that in 2018 after all 4 houses have been completed, they will open up them all again so you can get any of the 4 you may have missed.  Hopefully I’ll still be racing in 2018 – but even if I am not, I am technically a “Slytherclaw” so this is half my house.

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Virtual Race: The Road To Loch Ness

Race Title: The Road To Loch Ness
Distance:  40 miles
Company:  Yes.Fit
Charity: Special Citizens Futures Unlimited


The Road To Loch Ness was a limited race from Yes.Fit.  When they do races that are donated to charity, the number of registrations is limited so I bought this one when it first went up, but didn’t want to actually start it until July when I finished my previous race with them. (You are now able to “pause” races until you are ready to kick them off and track your miles)  Most of their other races don’t donate to charity, which is a reason why I think I will be doing less races with them in the future.  They are long, which frustrates me as well, since I am still unable to do more than a mile at a time.  I did start the Alice in Wonderland series which is a series of 6, but I’m not sure if I will be doing the other 5.  I guess we’ll see what has been added and interests me once I finish my current race – which is 60+ miles!


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Virtual Race: Fantastic Beasts 5K


Race Title: Fantastic Beasts 5k
Distance:  5k
Company:  Hogwarts Running Club
Charity:  End7

I was glad that HRC went back to a more manageable distance for me! This medal is really cool, it opens like a suitcase! I also got to be a House Elf for the packing of these medals which was really cool as well.

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Virtual Race: I’ll Be Right Here 5k

Race Title: I’ll Be Right Here 5k
Distance: 5k
Company: Moon Joggers
Charity: National Psoriasis Foundation


This 5k was pretty easy for me – since I was at the casino for a weekend and did almost the entire 3.1 miles in one evening. This medal is pretty cool, kind of like stained glass. I picked this race out early on but it didn’t start until August and I had the concert weekend in mind to get it completed and I did it 🙂


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Virtual Race: OneHRC Marathon

Race Title: OneHRC Marathon
Distance: 42k
Company:  Hogwarts Running Club
Charity: Big Cat Rescue, International Bird Rescue, Friends of Scales, Save Me Trust


This was a tough one for me – 42k and $50 but the medal is amazing and I’m going for that perfect prefect status! I just did 1k at a time here and crossed them off my list as I finished them.  I really enjoy the 5ks more than the longer races,but can see why those who run like the longer distances.  Im glad the next HRC race is another 5k.

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