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Throwback Thursday: David Cook 8/1/09

Headliner: David Cook
Opener(s): Green River Ordinance
Venue: MGM Grand Theater
Cost: $40




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Throwback Thursday: David Cook 11/12/08

Headliner: David Cook
Opener(s): N/A
Venue: Hard Rock Cafe
Cost: $158


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David Cook at The Warehouse

Sunday night David Cook played The Warehouse in Fairfield, CT.  Originally he was scheduled to play Stage One, but after multiple changes in the set up for the show he ended up at the larger, newer venue which I had not yet been to.  Opening up for the evening was one of my favorites, Tony Lucca! Tony did a Periscope of his show which I tried to watch Monday night but it expired about 5 seconds in on me because it was 24 hours old.  Need to keep that in mind for next time I want to use a periscope to figure out a setlist.  I did remember a few of his songs and they are listed at the end of the post. (If anyone was there or saw the periscope and knows the rest let me know what I’m missing!)

Funny story – the girl behind me was going on and on about how much she loves David Cook and he is her favorite ever and she is his #1 fan and whyyyy must there be an opening act!?  I was texting with my friend and told her “she’ll like him” before he hit the stage because we knew Tony would for sure win her over… so I wasn’t at ALL surprised when his set ended and he walked off the stage and she said… “I think I’m in love.”

David took the stage at about 9pm and played just over an hour set.  It was pretty similar set to when I saw him in November.  He thanked the crowd a lot, since we had bought so many tickets they had to move him to the bigger room and he was very thankful about that.  Before he did Declaration he went to intro the song and said “This is a song about something.”  Well, I guess that is true.  There was also a group of Hard Rock VIPs in the seats in front of me and when he checked in on them they said they wanted a personal song and for him to come in front of them and play.  He came over and did a bit of the riff from “Sweet Home Alabama” and then went back to the mic and did some of 500 miles. (Is that the name of that song? I don’t think so.)  Later on people were yelling things out and he thought they yelled for Freebird so he did a little bit of it and said that was all of the song he knew.  But people were yelling out about their birthday so he had everyone who was having a birthday raise their hand and then said happy birthday to them all.

The encore was 4 songs – including his new single Broken Windows and he was saying how whatever radio station we listen to, whether they play his style of music or not, we should call and request the song.  Even if they only do traffic, all day.  Or even if it is a sports talk radio that only talks about minor league lacrosse games. We should call and tell them we want to hear Dave Cook’s new song.

After the show I hung around to chat with Tony for a bit – since he had mentioned singing a song on Parenthood and he had actually canceled his show at the smaller next door venue in order to do it.  He had said the dressing room reminded him that he had played there before and I said that yes it was years ago! Somehow I always manage to make him feel super old I am pretty sure…

Tony Lucca Set

Tennessee Whiskey / Gravity / Anchored
Love Light
Paint a Picture

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David Cook at Infinity Hall

Friday night David Cook played a sold out show at Infinity Hall in Norfolk, CT.  I had purchased a M&G package which allowed me to meet David before the show, get something signed, get a photo with him as well as get a copy of his new CD, Digital Vein.  Since David is a big Royals fan and I’m a big Mets fan, we talked about the World Series and he said he was trying to keep his mouth shut for the next couple of shows (Saturday night was NYC) but that he was glad he could go back to liking the Mets now because he did like them. (Just not as much as the Royals) He also said if the Mets could keep their pitching for a while they’ll be really good… and get some bullpen help.  I agreed.

After the M&G we could either stay upstairs at our seats or head back downstairs. I opted to stay in my 2nd row seat and had forgotton how tight the seats were.  My knees were practically touching the row in front of me! Andrew Ripp was the opener and didn’t come out until sometime after 8.  He has a Hanson connection and I was going to talk to him about it after the show either way – but then he decided to tell a story about David.  Which started out with “I flew to Tulsa, OK… to write songs with Hanson” I, of course, cheered, but then he had to say “You know. Hanson, MMMBop?” and proceeded to butcher the chorus. The story continued that on his flight back home to LA, some guy came and sat in the middle seat next to him with a sandwich (and he didn’t like people who brought on food that smelled because he was always hungry) and that guy was David Cook.  They talked and found out they were both musicians and David told Andrew he was heading out to LA to cut a record.  2 weeks later, Andrew turns on American Idol and there is David… and he figured out that he lied to him the whole flight to LA and Andrew believed everything he said.  But he was going out there to audition for Idol and couldn’t say anything!  Andrew’s set was really good and after the show I bought all of his CDs and talked to him about Hanson.  He said writing with them was “awesome” and that he really does like them and they are really great guys.  Then he asked if I had a Hanson bumper sticker and I said I did it said “I <3 Hanson” and my car was parked right outside. He laughed and ended up writing “I <3 Hanson too!!!!” on my autograph. ha.

David was on around 9pm.  His set was a lot shorter than I was expecting it to be, but was still great.  He talked about how his new album was out and that some of the songs would be new if you didn’t yet have the CD.  (I failed and had intended to listen to it a few times before going to the show to brush up on my lyrics and never did!) Before the 4th song he said it would be new if you weren’t familiar with the CD – but then the drums kicked in and David kind of made a face and then they went into the song “Heroes” which was not a new song.  I just kind of shrugged it off until after the song David went on about his professional band and how his professional drummer started playing the wrong song and the rest of his professional band followed right along.

After that he asked what guys were there because their significant others made them come along.  He decided it was time to play something for the guys and did Led Zeppelin’s Rock and Roll and Whole Lotta Love. (Sorry Dave, ZHan does it better)  After he finished the next song, Declaration, he said he had to make a note to not do that one back to back with Zeppelin.

The backdrop at Infinity Hall has a bunch of lights on it that they can make twinkle and blink along to the music and David commented that if anyone had been to Disney it reminded him of the Tower of Terror.  He also spotted a sign in the audience a little girl had that said “WE LOVE DAVID COOK” 4x on it.  He asked if he could have it to put it up on stage with him for the show, and then laughed and said it “got sinister” when he realized she put her phone number on it!  He said he was still going to put it on stage but if anyone prank called Hannah.. “I swear to god…”  At the end of the show he called her back up front and autographed the sign and gave it back to her.

During the encore, he talked a bit about how everyone’s faces are always covered by a giant cell phone during his sets and he wanted us to just have a moment. He asked for everyone to put their phones and cameras in their pockets or purses so we could have a moment and how he has gone to a lot of concerts and doesn’t have any pictures and he’s ok with that. Because he has the memories of the moments.  (Sorry David, I like the memories AND the scrapbook pages – but had no problem with his request for putting everything down for just one song)

Paper Heart
Broken Windows
Rock and Roll / Whole Lotta Love
But You Won’t
Laying Me Low
Wicked Game
Kiss And Tell
Come Back To Me

Better Than Me
Light On

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Gavin DeGraw & David Cook November 5, 2011

Saturday night’s show seemed like it took forever to come!  Doors opened late and we were greeted to the opening act of Canaan Smith.  I wasn’t sure what to think about him… he came out with a HUGE silver microphone necklace on which he hung on the mic stand.. and then he sang country songs. (Although one of the songs he did sing about how he was country and rap so I guess it all started to make sense at that point) When I came home, I looked him up on Google to try and find some fun information about him – and I found out that he was on a season of Amazing Race! I love the show but hardly ever remember who the contestants are as soon as they are eliminated, but when I came home and said that name “Canaan” to my mom – she remembered that he was the one whose girlfriend did not want to go down the slide at Atlantis!  Once she said that I remembered him. (The poor girl was afraid to go down and he could not convince her and they ended up losing the race because of it!  But they are still together if anyone was curious!)

Then it was time for Gavin DeGraw.  I’m not all that familiar with any of his new stuff, mainly because I am a slacker and never listen to the CDs I buy… (I really need to work on that) but his set was a mix of new and old so I was able to hold my own with the older songs.  He threw in a couple of bits of covers during his set – The Script’s Breakeven and Bruno Mars Grenade.  He also sat down at the piano without his band backing him and said that he was going to sing a song that he liked to sing back when he was a teenager and how his brother and him would play songs at the gym after it closed and one of the guys there had told him some profane things that women would do to him if he learned a few songs, but at the time he didn’t know what that meant.  He went on to do a cover of Let’s Get It On. He also commented that he was a bit sick so some of the high notes he wasn’t able to hit – but that when he was ok he couldn’t really hit those notes either!  I sat down for his set but most of my row stood at their seats, which made me a bit nervous for when David came out because my balance isn’t too hot to stand at my seat, but if I could lean against the stage I’d be fine.

Fortunately, when David came out the row did all go against the stage so things were fine! (My feet were asleep and killing me by the time David’s set was over, but that was ok!) I thought it was interesting that he started and ended the set with the starting and ending tracks from the new cd – Circadian and Rapid Eye Movement.  At one point near the end of the set, the band was going to leave the stage and David told them not to leave.  Since it was a full house – he was going to add a song that wasn’t on the setlist – a cover.  He asked if we wanted some Fog Hat, but when the response was less than stellar he decided against that.  He told the band that they were instead going to do Whitesnake, which was something that they had done in sound check but never live before and that it might suck. Once it was over he said that he now felt like they were a band that could play at a wedding and went in to part of “Celebration” and then talked a bit about a Father / Daughter dance being Butterfly Kisses and how he had a better song! And then he went in to Bar Ba Sol lol.  I have to say the highlights of David shows are always him talking to the crowd. At one point another gang from CT was yelling how they were from Connecticut and still had no power.  David said he didn’t mean to be rude, but all he heard was “wat wat wat” (read that like the Charlie Brown teacher talks!) and they tried to say it again but he still couldn’t hear and then he said he could go on with the Charlie Brown teacher voice all night, but he wouldn’t.  He seemed quite overwhelmed that the show was a sell out (or near sell out) and thanked us for standing by him and waiting for the new album to come out because they took so long to do it, he had no idea what the state of the music industry would be when he got back.  And also he thanked us a few times for supporting live music.  (Also worth noting one of the roadies had a clown mask on and kept bringing stuff to the stage. Creepy!)

The show was definitely a blast and I am glad that I made the trip to go!

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David Cook – VIP Experience

A couple of months ago I got an email that David Cook would be touring with Gavin DeGraw.  The closest they were coming to me was York, PA, about 5 hours away – but it was on a Saturday.  David was also doing a VIP package which included a M&G. (As well as access to sound check, a Tshirt and signed photo).  When I clicked the link in the email I saw that ticket were already on sale so in a panic I ordered a VIP package and ended up with Pitt tickets, but I wasn’t sure if it was first or second row.  Either way, I figured first or second row + VIP perks would be worth the trip!

A couple days before the show I got an email that I needed to be in PA by 2:45pm! It ruined my plans to sleep in because I needed to give myself a couple of hours buffer just in case I ran in to traffic.  I left the house at 8am and only ended up hitting about 30 minutes of traffic and was able to nap in the car for about an hour before I had to get ready for everything.

I picked up my ticket and it was FRONT ROW! And then waited in the lobby for the others with VIP until it was time to do our thing.  Wade from Ground Ctrl came by and said we’d be getting our laminates and then going to soundcheck.  It took what seemed like forever to check everyone in (125 people!) and then we headed down to the theater where David was already doing soundcheck.  When I walked in he was covering Billy Joel’s Moving Out. Then he asked if we wanted some FogHat and they did Slow Ride.  He finished his soundcheck by singing Goodbye To The Girl and told us that we’d have to leave (the 3 songs was such a tease!) to do the M&G.

We all went back upstairs and waited in line for another really long time.  (Actually, I didn’t really wait in line I sat – big thanks to my new friends Mary Ann and Debbie who held my spot for me!)  Finally we were let in the room for the M&G and when we were about 4 people from the front the band decided they needed a potty break.  David had been given what I believe to be vodka? But it was in a trick package so he’d have to figure out a puzzle before he could open it.  Someone teased that didn’t he used to be a bartender? And he said yeah.. but where do you think it was? The Magic House? lol

Then the band came back and pictures resumed, until he decided the Queen song playing was unknown and sounded like a sitcom theme song and ran over to the iPod to switch up the playlist! (Then we realized it was not taking so long because the fans were dilly dallying – it was David running around that made the wait so long!)

I told David about my suit with Toad’s Place about what happened at his concert in 2009 and he said he was sorry that it happened, but “good for you” that I did something about it and that they are actually going to be putting handicapped measures in place and he gave me a big hug and again said he was sorry and I said not to be because we helped a lot of people because of it.

At that point it was about 5:30, 5:45 and Doors were set to open at 6:30, so I hung around waiting for that… more about the show coming in tomorrow’s post!!

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David Cook – August 1 – MGM Grand Theater

Last night I went up to Foxwoods Casino’s MGM Grand Theater to check out David Cook. It was my 4th time seeing him and I think the farthest back I’ve ever been to see him. (And the farthest back I’ve been at a show lately!) But that didn’t matter, I knew I would be rocking out even if I was in the very last show of the venue (but I was thankful that I was not in the last row)

The opening act was Green River Ordinance, whom I was familiar with from January’s Rock Boat. I wanted to get their CD after the show – but their set went over SO well it was sold out! I’ll have to get it on their website or iTunes I guess!

David and his band took the stage to Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up” and started the set off with Heroes. He talked after just about every song. Once he heard someone say it was their birthday so he said “I hope your birthdays wicked rad” in a Boston accent. Then someone else said it was their birthday so he asked for the house lights to go up and said if its your birthday raise your hand. A LOT of people did so then he was like “You’re lying!” and started laughing and repeated “Youre lying!! I refuse to believe that many people in this section were conceived nine months ago”

I think that this was one of the larger shows that he had played on this tour. (We were show #95) He talked about how during soundcheck he looked up at the balcony and all the seats in the front and was wondering what they’d look like filled up. Now that he saw it – it was a lot of people.

I think he could have just talked to us the whole night and I would have been just as satisfied, he is so funny!

After Kiss On The Neck, which was dedicated to the single people in the crowd, he decided to share this gem with us: (Which I got on video, but the picture of it is really blurry so I’m not sure I’ll bother uploading it… plus he seemed so embarrassed its probably best to not have video evidence of this out there lol)

“For dinner tonight I had a waffle, couple eggs, some hasbrowns, some toast, 3 sodas, a milkshake… and im paying for it right now.. during that song i was like [makes burping noises]…. why did i just tell that to this entire audience? The sound guys is going ‘abort man, abort! get out of this conversation right now!’ If anything this should tell you, this show is not scripted. What the hell am I talking about?”

Then he went into a cover of Cutting Crew’s “(I Just) Died In Your Arms Tonight” and said that for the younger crowd it’s not a Jonas Brothers song, but it’s close.

During a quiet moment early in the show he said he was going to share “something important” with us, which led someone to scream “DAVID COOK FOR PRESIDENT” which totally made him lose his train of thought. He said he would probably not run for president. And I don’t think he ever did end up telling us anything important. haha.

Completely overwhelmed by the number of people there to see him, he shared a story about one of his first gigs in Kansas City. They were paid $100 to play for 3 hours. They learned 30 songs figuring that 3 minutes a song the math would work out. Except they played the set in an hour and a half and had to play the whole set over again the fill the 3 hours. ( 3 x 30 = 90 minutes, david!)

As always, David put on a great show and this show really took the bad taste out of my mouth that I kind of associated with his shows after the whole Toads Place drama. I can’t wait to see him again! (And I’m totally bummed he has 2 shows and a signing in NYC this week – but I don’t think I can coordinate my work schedule enough to go! Bummer!)

Under the cut are some photos – set list was in the last post – and if i decide to upload videos (audio is good, but theyre so shaky!) I’ll post them later on!

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David Cook setlist 8/1

(They came on stage to rick astley lmao)
We're only honest
I did it for you
(I hope your birthdays wicked rad – boston accent lol)
Mr sensitive
(Something important to me – dc for president)
Kiss on the neck
I just died in your arms tonight
Bar ba sol
Straight ahead
Come back to me
Light on
(One of the best shows on this tour)

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David Cook 5/24/09 Toads Place New Haven, CT

David Cook hit the stage about 10, but it seemed like they were running late. Since we were sitting by the sound booth, the set list went up a little early so I was able to send out a tweet with the songs and then follow along throughout the show.

Being off to the side was actually good because not too many people were being pushy. If the lady like 2-3 people in front of me brushed her hair down I would have been able to see him fine like 90% of the show LOL Before the encore the place cleared out a TON so I was able to see clearly for the encore.

I loved the “new” song souvenir (he said it was written for the album but didnt make the cut) and his cover of little lies were great too.

He was talking about how he didnt realize Yale was here and he walked around and wouldn’t you know they graduated today and he was all impressed and that It took him 5 yrs to get through school and look where the degree got him lol

And then he said how he was talking and he got hit in the leg with gum, and it happened the night before too and he wanted to know if it meant something and then smelled his breath and was like.. i dont know. It is a secret joke Im not in on? Does the gum represent something else? and then he was like.. and I realize now Im going to be pelted by gum for the next week.

Setlist and photos under the cut!

we’re only honest
mr sensitive
kiss on the neck
declaration (he didnt end up singing this!)
little lies
come back to me
Light on,
a daily anthem

I couldnt really get any pics of the band – couldnt see the drummer at all and the other guys were pretty much blocked by tall guys 🙁 But at least i could see david! that was the important part

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David Cook canceled

The David Cook show at Southern Connecticut State University couldn’t be rescheduled before the end of the semester so refunds are now being issued. The school is still looking to reschedule for the Fall semester so I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

In the meantime, David has scheduled a show at the legendary Toad’s Place in New Haven, CT for May 24. Tickets for that show went on sale yesterday and while they were not the bargain price of $2 that the SCSU show were, it should still be worth it.

I attended the Seal show last night at Foxwoods MGM Grand Casino – expect a review and pictures later tonight or tomorrow evening. A scrapbook post is also long over due and should be coming soon!

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